The Best of Both Worlds for Year 12 Student Milton

Tec-NQ House is recognised as one of the best boarding facilities in the state.

Located in Townsville, it is a purpose-built boarding facility for students attending Tec-NQ’s senior school program. The newly built facility accommodates up to 40 and offers students from across regional and remote Queensland a complete boarding. Tec-NQ House is designed to be inclusive and social, maintaining a homely, nurturing atmosphere. Facilities include state of the art security, double occupancy rooms with semi-private space, as well as modern open living spaces and communal areas.

Small engine mechanic apprentice Milton is currently completing year 12 at Tec-NQ and progressing his trade at Sun City Yamaha. “Now that I have my licence, I am able to get myself to work,” said Milton. Milton has been a boarding student at Tec-NQ House since year 11 and is due to graduate later this year.

“I like that I am treated like a young adult, I feel trusted” he added.

Before Milton secured his driver’s licence, Tec-NQ House staff would drive him to work when required from the boarding facility at Rosslea. “Milton really is getting the best of both worlds,” said Head of Boarding Penny Ross. “He is completing year 12 while progressing through his apprenticeship and enjoying increased independence with the supportive environment of Tec-NQ House,” she added. When Milton’s enjoying down-time, he loves to race motor-cross and work on dirt bikes. Securing a school-based apprenticeship as a small engine mechanic has turned his passion into a profession.

At Tec-NQ House, Milton has taught himself how to play the guitar and enjoys balancing his time between hanging out with the boys and spending time alone in his room. During term-break Milton travels home to see his parents at their home approximately 50kms from Winton. When he finishes school, Milton hopes to move into a share house with mates so he can finish his apprenticeship. Tec-NQ is different. An accredited Senior School and Boarding School for Years 10 to 12. It’s an alternative to traditional school delivering the same outcomes in a work-based training environment.

Delivering Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) outcomes, the curriculum has been designed to support “active” learning, where students are actively involved, learning from professional academic and trade qualified facilitators in the context of how skills and knowledge are used in industry. Students participate in work placement that is integrated into their school timetable and supported by Tec-NQ’s industry team, allowing regional students to access work placements in Townsville or closer to home.

For a unique senior school and boarding solution with an out-of-the-box approach, you can’t look past Tec-NQ.

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