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Apprentice Support

Work placement is an important part of Tec-NQ’s approach to training and career development. Being involved in work experience activities gives students new opportunities to build on existing skills, network with employers and increase their chances of successfully transitioning from school to work.

Industry Team

The industry team liaises with our employer networks to source work experience and apprenticeship opportunities for senior school students and is key to transitioning students from school to the workplace. The team contacts employers, facilitates work placements, identifies opportunities for apprenticeships and assists employers in recruiting school-based apprentices for their business.

The team is the conduit between student and employer and provides feedback to the students and their families on their performance, as well as offering recommendations for improvement. The team is also responsible for coordinating the documentation and organising insurance for the placements, so the employer and participant are protected.

For full time apprentices, there will be a single point of contact in the industry team who will guide them through their work experience and ensure they get the most out of their industry networks.

Earn the Right to Work

The Earn the Right to Work program measures employability skills that have been identified in consultation with industry. The employability skills are the basic standards that all school-based students will be assessed against to ensure readiness for the workplacement. Standards include attendance, punctuality, correct use of PPE, safety, active learning, behaviour and college standards.

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Demonstrating a strong work ethic, commitment and enthusiasm for your trade as well as aptitude, all play an important part in seeking employment. This mindset is how we approach our teaching at Tec-NQ. Work experience can provide you with opportunities, but you need to make the most of every opportunity to leave a positive impression, build your networks and learn new skills.

Employment is at the discretion of the employers. We enlist the support of an engaged network but encourage you to demonstrate your skills, enthusiasm and foster positive relationships, so you stand out above the rest.

School-based Apprenticeships

Tec-NQ’s senior school transitional timetable and industry pathways contribute to our high level of success in moving students into school-based apprenticeships.  Businesses employ apprentices under a formal training contract to build their future workforce and give back to their industry. Apprentices are paid whilst gaining valuable on-the-job experience, skills and a nationally recognised qualification.

Tec-NQ’s Industry Team will work with the employer and Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks (AASN) to identify the qualification appropriate to the employer’s business and coordinate completion of the Training Contract.

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Photo shoot to refresh TecNQ's portfolio of still imagery.

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Work Placement

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