Tec-NQ Cairns Facility – Electrical Update


June 2023 marked a significant milestone in the short 4 year history of Tec-NQ’s presence in the Cairns environs. For the very first time, our fourth year electrical apprentices have been trained at Cairns and assessed in house utilising our purpose built Capstone testing facility. The facility itself is modelled on a similar structure at Tec-NQ in Townsville.

Capstone testing is the final assessment carried out by the apprentice which encompasses two days of classroom theory assessing followed by a practical exam in the Capstone Testing Facility, or what is affectionately known as “The Sweatbox”. The Sweatbox Practical testing can take up to six hours, where the apprentice is presented with a simulated domestic dwelling with purpose made visual faults and a multitude of electrical faults that can be set up by the assessor. It is a real test of situational awareness, visual acuity and fault finding skills.

Of special mention is apprentice Mark Bury (Coops Electrical) who was in the first cohort who commenced with Tec-NQ in August 2019. Mark (far right in main pic) was also the very first apprentice to be put through the new Capstone facility and Tec-NQ Cairns Electrical Apprentice of the Year 2022. Also to be mentioned is the rest of Marks Capstone cohort. They are Zane Ellis (GMH Solutions), Jayden Kriedman (iLec), Olivia McDonald (J and R Electrical and Refrigeration), Paul Messina (MAE), Zac Mynott (Champs Electrical). These apprentices are testimony of the hard work and unbridled dedication as demonstrated over their years at Tec-NQ.

Tec-NQ wishes them all the very best in their future endeavours and know they will be some of the finest electrical trades persons in Cairns.

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