Meet Sophie Enrolments Officer

Sophie has been the enrolments officer for almost 5 years and gives every student and parent an equal opportunity while delivering exceptional service. Dedication and devotion as the enrolment officer lead to great outcomes for students.
“Every student should have the opportunity to have their application carefully considered no matter what their background or past is,” Sophie says.

No student should be disadvantaged, and every student deserves to have not only an education but an education that they enjoy and are passionate about which starts with the application process. Sophie is more than just the enrolment officer, she is there every step of the way from greeting students when they take their first steps on Tec-NQ grounds to celebrating their successes in work experience, accepting an apprenticeship through to celebrating their graduation.

“I enjoy my role immensely, it has been my passion for many years to work with children starting back in the 90s when I became a fully qualified foster carer,” Sophie says.
Sophie’s door is always open to welcome any prospective parents to meet and discuss future enrolments. When you see Sophie around the campus make sure you say hi!
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