Introducing Principal Ross Jorgensen

Tec-NQ is pleased to announce that Ross Jorgensen has been appointed to the position of Principal, to lead the school through its next phase of growth.

Ross is no newcomer to Tec-NQ and has already played a significant role in the success of the school and its hundreds of graduates. Ross has a long history with Tec-NQ, starting when the school first opened in 2007, for nearly four years, and then returning in 2015 when the year 10 Tec-Prep program was introduced. For the last five years Ross has been the Operations Manager, overseeing all aspects of the school and full-time apprenticeship training.

Throughout Ross’s time with Tec-NQ he has shown a passion for developing opportunities for young people entering vocational careers. As Principal, Ross intends to continue to support North Queensland’s young people through their education, in an environment that combines developing trade skills and academic curriculum and integrates real world experiences via industry placements. Ross believes this journey allows the students to see and experience success in a work setting, driving their motivation for learning.

For those of our community who might not be familiar with Ross, he hasn’t always been a teacher. Before discovering a passion for educating young people, Ross spent 20 years in the automotive industry. As an early school leaver himself Ross admits he didn’t understand the value of education until he commenced work at Tec-NQ, which he now describes as an ‘educational utopia’ and somewhere he would have been excited to attend. Since that first taste of vocational education, Ross has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Vocational Education and further developed his knowledge by working with a public training provider and an Independent Secondary School.

With trades having grown in popularity as a career choice over the last three years, and with Ross taking the reins as Principal, exciting things are ahead for Tec-NQ, and there’s no better time to be studying a trade.

Trades were essential work throughout the pandemic and the Federal Government’s investment in training over this period has seen apprenticeship opportunities rise. In 2021, 80% of Tec-NQ graduates walked straight into full-time work or apprenticeships and 96% of that work was related to the industry pathway they undertook training in. 90% of these graduates planned to remain in Townsville and this year is already trending to look very much the same.

Demand for qualified tradespeople continues to be very strong and the outlook for young people taking up a trade is extremely positive. VET qualifications are nationally recognised so a trade qualification can take you anywhere.

Another exciting prospect for Tec-NQ is its capacity for growth. In addition to the new Tec-NQ House, its training rooms for Hospitality and a new Health stream in 2023, the Douglas campus is currently under construction to add four new classrooms and upgrades to the IT infrastructure. The school will now offer pathways in the following vocational streams:
· Health
· Automotive
· Engineering
· Electrical
· Carpentry
· Plumbing
· P-Tech Engineering and Electrical

When asked what Ross hopes to bring to Tec-NQ in his new role as Principal, he said, “I am committed to building a shared vision within my team that learners’ self-belief occurs when they see and value employability success, giving them a newfound enthusiasm for their educational development.

“These are shared sentiments with all staff at Tec-NQ and I firmly believe that our blend of academic and trade staff can inspire young people in their pursuit of successful trade futures.”

We have no doubt Ross and his team will continue to inspire NQ’s young people and test the boundaries of the senior education system to develop our next generation of apprentices and future business owners.

Welcome to your new role Ross!

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